Curry Crazy!

baby bump

baby bump

Well folks! The end of the 1st trimester is here. Tomorrow we will officially be in the 2nd trimester and goodness my belly shows it! This weekend baby adams showed signs of fast growth and even faster yet is the fact that it is taking up so much space that I can’t eat much at one sitting which is AWFUL for me. I really like to sit down and enjoy a BIG meal. lol.  So I suppose that stuffing my face is out of the picture now hahahahaha.

I am for sure filling out now and it is slowly starting to look less like a food baby and a little more rounded, like I’m actually preggers! Brandon saw he get up yesterday from the couch to grab him a pen and he said “Are you waddling?” lol. I’m not sure if I’m just doing it because it’s more comfortable cause I’m lazy to pick up my feet to walk or if this belly is starting to change my strides. Whatever the case, good sleep at night is hard to come by now. With the puppy vomiting and making a bunch of noise at night, it is SO hard to go back to sleep ontop of having to drag myself to the bathroom 5 times a night.

curry 001

As you can gather by now, the baby REALLY loves asian food, so curry is no exception. Now that I have started introducing a little meat into my diet, chicken adds a little more flavor to the overall dish but I definitely prefer potatoes in the curry than any type of meat. So I chose to add 2 chicken breasts to 3 potatoes. I think most people may prefer more meat than potatoes so you can basically add whatever quantity of each you would like. Eating curry always reminds me of Malaysia and how much good food is there. You know, the flavors of the dishes there are AMAZING, and they sell the in street stalls so the ingredient list must be easy right? From research my favorite malaysian dishes are packed with ingredients that I have either never heard of or can’t get a hold of. Poo!


2 chicken breasts, cut into chunks
3 russet potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
1/2 onion, diced (shallots are much more flavorful though so use 1-2 if you want)
Red Curry paste ( in Asian grocery store in a can, use as much you want for the spiciness you are looking for)
1 16 oz Can of Coconut milk (light coconut milk is less flavorful by far but has less fat so will not upset your tummy as much as full fat coconut milk)


1. In a large pot, heat some oil on high and saute onions/shallots
2. If you like medium spicy curry, add first 2 TBS of the red curry paste and saute with onions/shallots
If you prefer less spicy start with 1 tbs, more spicy 3 TBS. You can always add more!
3. Once fragrant, add chicken and saute just so that the outside of the chicken is starting to cook.
4. Add potatoes and stir around then pour in coconut milk. Wait till it starts boiling before covering the pot and turning heat down to medium low.
5. Allow to cook through 15 minutes or so.

Enjoy with with rice or roti!


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2 Responses to Curry Crazy!

  1. alexandra says:

    congrats on making it through the 1st trimester! Should be smooth sailing from here, right? Curry sounds divine!

  2. Rosa says:

    Congrats! That is great news!

    That curry looks delicious!



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