Baby Snuggie Wrap

baby snuggie 001

My belly is growing. ALOT. Its becoming more and more of a reality lately! It’s exciting and yet I’m a little nervous (just a tad bit) and only about the labor part of this whole having a baby thing. Pain is not my forte. I went to the doctors today, because my rash came back again on my belly for the 3rd time in the last two months and I was worried that it might be an indication of something not right with the pregnancy. Anywhos, it turns out that my skin is extra sensitive now, more so than before and I have to change things out that my belly has contact with. Like soap and detergent or something. Well, now that that is the least of my worries I found out that I have put on a little more weight than I should. 5 lbs in 2 weeks, and although the doctor said that because I was smaller to begin with that I will gain more weight than normal but I KNOW for sure that I have been eating more than I should be, so from now on I have to watch what goes in my mouth so I don’t give the baby a bad start to life. OH! So thankful that my Quad scan came back normal *dancing* not that it would change whether I had the baby or not but it’s one less thing to stress about during the pregnancy.

baby snuggie 003

I haven’t been baking much lately. Everything that I make doesn’t turn out as good as it did and perhaps its the whole pregnancy thing but I truly think it’s the stupid oven in this STUPID house! I think they got the oven at a huge discount because when you want it to broil it bakes and vice versa and I didn’t understand until multiple baked goods were ruined. 😦 So with the baby coming along quite quickly, I brought this wonderful book for making babys clothing and toys and crib sheets. I thought I would start off with something simpler but I didn’t want to make a blanket yet, so I figured I’d try my luck with the baby snuggie wrap. It’s so so so cute and I can’t wait to hold that bundle in my arms. Since we dont’ know the sex of the baby yet, I thought green was a pretty neutral color and dots. Who doesn’t think dots are so so so cute! Basically it’s made of a inner lining of fleece and the outter material is just cotton. It just wraps itself onto the baby and you tie the tie around the belly of the baby and just snuggle with it! How cute is that!

baby snuggie 005

I started the project on Monday when Brandon had a late flight and I worked on it from 4:30pm till 11pm when Brandon got home and time just flew by! I was so excited about making the snuggie that I got most of it done that night but I had trouble making the buttonholes with my machine. Ugh, sometimes I swear smarter machines are way above me. lol. Now that this is done, I wonder what I should make next? Hmmm…


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  1. Oh my gosh, how cute! what a great idea. I should get this book for my friend who is expecting. She’s very crafty!

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