Through many mistakes and life experiences, I have found that nothing in life means more to me than when I am living for God and using the talents he gives me to my fullest. God has lead me on his path with abundant blessings all along the way giving me an amazing husband, wonderful family and friends and a passion and talent for baking. Not only is baking my profession but it is the way I show my love for others, and believe me Brandon gets all those baked goods. 🙂 Please enjoy my blog, kick back with a cup of coffee and stay a while.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jayme says:

    Valpal . . . congratulations!!!! Glad to see all is well with you, you look so happy 🙂 We have to catch up sometime, drop me a line . . . and if you are using facebook or myspace come find me! Im also on twitter . . .

  2. Aunt Jonna says:

    Hi Val,

    Thought I would do some catching up via blog. I’m glad you guys got a house. We look forward to having you closer. Don’t worry about having a boy. I only had sisters too. You and Brandon had good parenting examples and God will give you the wisdom to be great parents to Benton and any other little ones he blesses you with.

    Send a note when you can. Maybe if I reply to your email it will get through.

    Love you all.

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