Home, family and stress all in a week


What do you know? I actually won something! Something COOL! All thanks to She Runs, She Eats. It was such a nice treat to hear that I won something, especially from Christina! She’s such a talented blogger, foodie and runner and I admire her strength in her running. So inspiring! I had never heard of Clif making drinks, but I have always LOVED their power bars. So delish! Christina sent me actually 6 bars, though I only took a picture of 4 of them because well…..we got back from Whidbey at midnight and we had not eaten since 11am so we were ravished and what a treat to have something to eat when we got home! lol. No, really! It was a blessing! So thank you thank you Christina. The clif drinks are a little

different. Not quite like powerade or gatorade because it’s not that sweet at all. Just a hint of sweetness yet a little fizz to it but it’s not carbonated. If I had run a marathon I bet that would be refreshing! My favorite clif bar? Oh that’s hard to decide! I love all of them quite frankly.



Our family came up to Whidbey Island from Portland, OR. Around about a 4-5 hour drive. We were really glad that they could make it because we hadn’t seen them for a long while! I missed my sister SO much. It was so good to see them! Here we are on the beach sitting on a huge beach log.

My mom, mother-in-law and I

My mom, mother-in-law and I

Outside Knead & Feed restaurant where we ate brunch on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful chilly west coast morning!

Tiff & I

Tiff & I

My older half! Only 11 months older than me! In this picture she was trying to stick her belly out like my belly is sticking out! lol



Yeah we look a little dull in this picture. That was the point! The guy on the wall was quite dull looking so we tried but I ended up laughing! Look how big my belly is!

Beautiful shadows

Beautiful shadows

My sisters photography skills is amazing! Her camera isn’t too shabby either!

Our very first home!

Our very first home!

And here! This is what we came to Whidbey for! Our very first home purchase! We love this home and can’t wait to get in it but we have had a stressful week back in Jacksonville when we got back. I can’t go into detail but basically some circumstances has prevented our move at the time we are hoping for. We don’t have any information as to when we will be able to move now, if we are even able to move at all. That is the scariest part. On top of this, we have to move out of our house at the end of this month, find a place to rent (which is right next door but considerable smaller), and wait for word on when and if we can move.  Not only that, I only have a small window now with the pregnancy as to when I can safely travel. Past November, I don’t think I can physically handle the coast to coast drive with the penske truck. If that time passes, I won’t be able to move until I give birth after January. It’s just a lot ot think about and I know that Gods hand is on all of this. I know he will give us what He knows is best for us, even if it may not be what we want. That’s the hardest thing you know. Letting go of the earthly things and accepting what He has planned for us even though in the long run we know it is the best and only way things will work out. We just need alot of prayer about our situation. Paying for rent and a mortgage in a house we’re not living in is financially stressful. All in all, we take things day by day right now.


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2 Responses to Home, family and stress all in a week

  1. Christina says:

    Beautiful house, Val! Looks like you had a fun time visiting family. I love your sister’s outfit in the picture with the two of you next to the fake man.

    Excellent timing with the package! I’m glad it was there so you guys had something to eat when you got back. =)

  2. Tovah says:

    Wow, that house is gorgeous! but I’m sorry to hear about the craziness that is preventing you from moving. I sure hope it gets worked out! You take care of yourself. If it is something that you can’t change try not to worry about it. Pray instead:)

    I’m glad you got to see your family and made it back safely.

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