Donuts made healthy-er

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This week was a big week for the Husband and I, so I decided to bake some donuts from 101 cookbooks. She has the best blog ever and her recipes are always so delicious! Definitely worth a try and so much less complicated and messy than frying a donut. I made these in 3 hours, perfect timing for when Brandon came home from school. I really can’t believe that all his training has come to an end! He’s officially done with all his flight training events and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He’s been studying non-stop literally the past 3 years through training. It’s been quite the ride. Here’s a quick recap of the past 3 1/2 years that we’ve been married.

June 17th 2006

We arrived in Ohio via roadtrip 7 days after we got married and Brandon started his Masters program in Aeronautical engineering. As much as people badmouth Ohio, that is my favorite state so far that we have lived. I had an awesome job and we never ran out of things to do while we lived there.

June 2007

We moved to Pensacola, FL where Brandon starts his primary training flying the T-34. This is the stage all pilots start out at whether you get selected for P3s, Helos, or Jets at the end. Brandon, as most pilots wanted to go Jets. In the end, he was selected for P3s which has been so beneficial for our young marriage. It is a more family friend atmosphere and community. I started Pastry school and worked at my suckest job EVER.

July 2008

Hopped on over to Corpus Christi, TX for Advanced flight school where they flew the T-45 and I worked at a French Bakery while finishing up Pastry School. I liked Corpus, though was sick of this southern heat. Brandon gets his wings and goes off to SERE. Longest 2 weeks ever!

April 2009

Moved back over to FL, this time to Jacksonville. I heard many great things about Jacksonville, which I have yet to fully agree with. It’s not bad, but it’s no West Coast. Found out right the day that Brandon started P3 training that we were pregnant! Spent half the time here nauseous, itching with heat rashes (UGH! THIS HEAT!), having a hard time breathing, and most of the time I spent gaining weight and eating. ;-b Brandon finishes up P3 training.

I am grateful that he is done with training now. He’s been under continuous pressure, and sometimes events don’t get well and I don’t have the words to comfort him as much as I try. He puts so much pressure on himself and I just wish he knew how amazingly intelligent he really is. You should see their manual. It is the depth of the length of my foot. (size 8) As good as it is that he is done training, I think this is where it gets tough for me. Granted, his deployment schedule is 2 months out, 2 months in, I just don’t know how I am going to do it. I know the baby will keep me busy for sure to even think of being lonely but crawling into bed at night by myself, with the cold sheets and no one to cuddle with and say my goodnights to is daunting. I can only pray for strength during this time.

Anyways! Another good news. I took my citizenship test and interview yesterday and I haven’t been tested in a while. Since I finished pastry school anyways and my heart was beating. Thank goodness the guys was super duper cool and the questions he asked wasn’t the toughest ones he could have asked. So, I passed! Yippe! We’re gonna go celebrate tomorrow night. We hardly ever go out to dinner cause we’re both pretty picky and we get so disappointed when we get bad food at good restaurants, that we prefer to eat at home most of the time. So this will be a real treat except that I need to find a dress I still fit into. lol. OH! And my friend Cye and Rob are throwing a gigantic Baby shower for 4 of us pregnant P3 wives. I’m the farthest behind the rest of the girls but we all know the sex of our babies. We’re going to be celebrating 1 girl and 3 boys. This must be the year for boys because other people who have had babies lately all have had boys too. They say that P3 guys usually don’t have boys because there’s this box inside the plane that they sit on that supposedly “kills” the male sperm. Well, I guess thats not true anymore! lol.


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3 Responses to Donuts made healthy-er

  1. Christina says:

    Congrats about everything, Val!
    I made these dougnuts before and thought they were good, though not quite the same. The problem is that i made them rather small and it took a long time!

  2. Tovah says:

    It was interesting to see your timeline, I didn’t realize you all had been moving around as much as we had been:) The donuts looks good, I think I’ll have to make some. I’ve been craving a good maple donut–the ones here on the east coast just aren’t the same as the ones back home.

    Have a great celebratory dinner–hope you both enjoy what you get!:)

  3. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the update sweetheart. Glad to know that the pregnancy is progressing well. Don’t worry, we’ll be around to comfort you albeit virtually. Please offer Brandon my sincere congratulations and remind him of how awesome he is.

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